Thursday, November 26, 2015

Being Thankful for Thanksgiving

I would like to take a moment to Thank everyone and anyone that reads this silly blog that I started.  I suppose the reason why I started it was to have a voice that would be listened to by someone, anyone.  Sometimes I do actually produce a jewel.  My, like many others lives, is filled with trials and tribulations, triumphs and failures, kindness and sometimes selfishness and I believe that it is possible to affect people by the written word, and that is what I hope to accomplish be it good or bad.

As a human on this planet I hope to one day pass on a legacy, not of money or property but of understanding, compassion, empathy, and kindness.  While I know some of my posts go off the deep end, people and hypocrisy drive me crazy!  I do not want it to be said of me when I shuffle off this mortal coil that was was anything less than caring, compassionate and somewhat insightful.

I feel that you get what you give for the most part, and if you are decent to the people around you it will come back to you in some way or form.  You just need to be open enough to see the way it comes back to you.  I see so many closed minds, opinions and attitudes these days, this world we live in is not black and/or white but mostly made up of gray.

So In ending I would like to say Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours.  As we sit at our tables of prosperity and wealth give thanks for what you have now and remember not everyone on this planet has it as good as we do here in the United States of America.

Peace out...