Friday, December 25, 2020

Merry Christmas 🎅

I watched A Christmas Carol today.  I think its one of my favorite Christmas movies.  Other than Die Hard (yes its a Christmas movie) It has been re made 1000 times but my most favorite and closest to the book version is the 1951 version.  

I love this movie because of the story.  Ebenezer is a rough, no nonsense, overly serious and mean financier who basically takes out his angst on Mr Cratchet which is his only employee.  

Every year this movie moves me and makes me reflect on myself and the world around me.  This year, probably more than any year I can remember it does make me wonder.  Is the spirit of kindness and compassion dead ?  

Ebenezer had his reasons for being so mad. As I'm sure most people have thier reasons.  He lost the love of his life and was never the same.  But by knowing love and happiness, isn't that enough to rise above your anger and sadness and see the good and happiness in others?  We all have our crosses to bare, Ebenezer was the loss of his beloved, unfortunately he let the anger of loss become who he was.  

The spirit of Christmas, I am not a religious person, but I am a deep thinker, and to me this time of the year is when I reflect, to make plans and goals for the next year and to figure out how to be a better person.  I live for the most part in the present and look forward to improving myself in the future.  

Ebenezer reminds me of what so many people in this country have become.  Mad, angry,  sometimes hostile, bitter, selfish, merciless people.  Not everyone but way more people than I care to admit.  Its as though no one cares about others anymore.  Its almost like 2020 we have reached full circle to the days when there was no room at the inn and baby Jesus ends up being born in a cold barn instead of a warm room.  (If that even really happened) Have we really become the people who are so cold and mean to one another that we would be ok people who are not our family suffering?  When did we become the heartless citizens of america?

I want all who read this to do me a favor, just one small favor.. Just be kind. Just 1 small act of kindness.  

This year is most over, next year will be better but we need to be better to each other.  

Merry Christmas 🎅 
& Happy New Year 🎊