Saturday, March 30, 2019

Lend Me Your Ear

Dear Friends, Family and Colleagues,
Recently, I announced that I would be running for a seat in Morrisville’s Borough Council.
I have decided to run because I believe that I have a lot to offer the town I live in, not only
with the career skills that I have built my entire life, but also because of the unique life
experiences that have brought me to where I am now.
We talk a lot these days about how we want to come together as neighbors, friends and
citizens, but yet we find ways to divide ourselves. I have advocated for many years that we,
as neighbors, as citizens, need to find common ground. To not allow what you think you
know or want personally, to hinder what is for the betterment of all people. I believe in
my heart that this current bipartisan council is where that starts.
Your municipal government affects you more than your state or federal government ever will.
The money that they spend is directly related to your core costs. It includes housing,
whether you rent or own. The infrastructure of your town, are your roads falling apart? The
school system, recreation, businesses, police, fire/ambulance. Outside of your rent or
mortgage, taxes are your next biggest expenditure. We do not need to be taxed any more.
We need people who will spend your tax dollars responsibly. Period.
During this primary, I will be running against some spiteful people. These people are the
remainder of those that have systematically, over the last 20 or so years, stood by as our
streets crumbled, while giving golden parachutes to their cronies. They have hired people
as political favors. They have stifled progress by creating an RCO, which in turn, wasted
taxpayer money for any project that would go out for bid. They allowed our police department
to fall into shambles, to the point it was almost dismantled.
They will try to discredit me, I am more than sure of that. For me to be successful with this
endeavor, I am turning to the people that know me best and asking for your support. I will
need advertising, flyers, signs, mailings, and I cannot do this all alone. I am inviting you all
to get involved with my campaign and help make a difference in this small, historic town.
Your contribution will help so much in getting the word out and to raise the initial funds
needed to launch this campaign. There is no small amount, any amount is more than I could
ask for. If you would like to contribute, please make your check out to “Morrisville Votes” and
mail it directly to me at 562 Doloro Drive, Morrisville, PA 19067. You can also Venmo your
contribution to @Mike-Yager-6 or my paypal account at
Sincerely yours,
Kelly Chiavarini

Thursday, March 28, 2019

Recent Events

I know that it's been awhile since I've posted. 😁  While I still seem to have a great viewership, to whoever comes to read what I have written, I thank you & I hope that you find some humor and levity in my musings.

Over the last year or so, I have taken on a number of endeavors, I became a grandparent to a beautiful baby girl and have been working like a mad woman on my career.  

My Etsy store is chugging along wonderfully.  My sales have doubled over the course of the year.  If you are interested in checking it out, there is a link somewhere on the side column or you can click here to get to it > The Curious Charm

I have also recently decided to run for Borough Council in the town I live in. (Morrisville, PA)  Which is probably the biggest news of all.  I have advocated for many years for people to come together because we are all neighbors and citizens of this great country of ours.  I believe that we can and have to find things that we all can agree on.  

One of the reasons I made this decision is because over the 8+ years that I have lived in Morrisville, I have seen this town go from a huge hot mess to resurrection from the ashes in the last year or so.  The first year that I moved here, I almost turned around and moved back out.  I will get into some of the problems and issues that were faced in other blog posts.

That was until I found a group of people that were willing to do whatever it took to really bring this sleepy little historic river town into the future.  This group of people were both Democratic and Republicans, working together. 

This bipartisan group of people is exactly what so many people want to see. I don't know about you but, I am so tired of all the infighting and nothing ever happening because so many people are hung up on labels.  If people would just stop fighting and finger pointing at each other, we can find common ground.  We can do good things, we can be happy and live in peace.  

In ending, I will be putting my mad skills and faith in humanity to the test.  I am sure I am going to have a heck of a road to till but I'm up for the challenge.