Thursday, October 9, 2014

Learning Curve

Five weeks today since my surgery and I am down 35lbs now.  I feel good, I have had a couple milestones already, like I can touch my toes again.  I am also learning (and listening) to my new insides now.

It seems that my stomach likes to talks to me now.  I have heard some very strange things going on in there lately.  Grumbling, chirping, burping are all going on almost daily.  Sometimes, my stomach is grumpy, its just like I'm not hungry so why should I eat? 

The first week after the surgery was by far one of the hardest weeks of my life.  Honestly, I was thinking, "WHAT did I do to myself?"  But as time went on, it became easier.  Now, even though I can try new foods and Im not on those strict, liquid, puree or soft food guidelines anymore, I still find it difficult to eat some things.

Some foods go down easily, scrambled eggs, cheese, yogurt, all seem to be staple foods for me now.  I eat other stuff but these are the things I cling to.  Other foods feel like sandpaper going down my throat and esophagus and lay like a lump in my stomach.  I try to stay away from those foods.  I have also found that some things I used to like, I just dont like anymore.

So I guess I am in the official bariatric learning curve now.

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Quality over Quantity

This just past Tuesday began my 4th week post bariatric surgery.  The time went by quickly as did the 30lbs that I lost during that time.  But now, I have pretty much no restrictions, I mean other than the no pasta, bread, rice and sweets and soda that anyone who has ever been on a diet knows and adheres to.

My surgeon says that I should check in with my nutritionist and I have to say that is probably a great idea.  I know that no matter what I eat, I need to eat my protein first, which is fine but the ludicrously tiny amount that I can actually eat now doesn't really leave room for anything else.   It is because of that extremely small amount of food that I realized that, its not about quantity anymore, its all about quality.

Yes folks, the real estate that is in my tummy is now a prime track!  Oh yea I could eat ice cream, cheesecake, a half a donut, but that's all wasted calories and in the end, will only get me sick.  This thing that I did, this gastric sleeve is not by all means the magic pill, its just another tool to get to where I really want to be weight wise.  And being that this is just a tool, I will feed it with only the best foods out there, no more crap, fast foods, rushed meals, eating on the go.  All of that is over with, from now on, Im going to concentrate on the Quality of what goes into my tummy, NOT the Quantity!