Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Happy February...or not...

Ah February, the month that really SUCKS in the great north east.  Snow, Snow and more freaking Snow...just shoot me now :( 

February is the month that everyone, including myself, gets sick.  Which is why I have not posted anything in a couple of weeks.  Had a really bad cold that was going around the office.  I think someone sneezed in my path and then the rest is history or maybe I picked it up at the disease ridden Gym.  Who knows, all I know now is that I still feel like I swallowed a raw clam...but...I digress

Outside of the StupidBowl (that's SuperBowl for those of you that don't get my sarcasm) halftime show and semi decent commercials, the only thing that is worth looking forward to in February is the return of The Walking Dead!  Except this year we have baby-puppy-monkey to keep us entertained and I'm not talking about Queen B, Coldplay and Bruno either, I'm talking about the commercial!  baha!

Funny thing with the Stupidbowl and the commercials, first the companies pay obscene amounts of money to have their commercials air during the SB (that's StupidBowl again but I'm just going to Abbrev it from now on). Then you barely ever see them again except for the following year, right before the SB they air a special about commercials of the SB?!?  wtf?  

Does anyone remember Dirty Bird?, I think it was a Toyota commercial from a SB a few years back...one of my favs.

The other strange thing about the commercials is it's really the only time I or probably anyone else, tune into a show just to watch the commercials, I spend countless hours usually trying to avoid commercials at all costs, even if I have to switch the channel and miss part of what I'm watching!

I will say though that other than the commercials I was quite impressed with the half time show this year, it was very upbeat and colorful, and since I love flowers and gardening, I just loved those big flower parasols!  And I even got a better appreciation for Coldplay, they aren't that bad but they still remind me of old people music.  And Bruno, well Bruno reminds me of a young MJ.  Queen B, why does she never wear pants?  She is always in a bodysuit type thingy? I just don't get it, although I do like some of her music...must be a dance thing...

So now that the SB is over we have.....Valentine's Day to look forward to next week...another Dumb Ass Holiday made up by card and chocolate companies...but again...I digress..

Keep warm and try NOT to get sick...Until next time

Peace out...