Friday, February 19, 2016

DentaStix from Pedigree - Product Reveiw

On occasion I get to do Product Reveiws.  So this is the first one that I am actually going to do on my blog.

I get these free products at a website called, If you are interested in checking it out to see if you can get picked for some free swag for reviews, the link is at the side of this page in Random Links.  

There is a very wide variety of products to apply for. Everything is done basically by lottery and there are usually only a certain amount of products they give away.  

I have gotten lots of free stuff including a Tassimo Coffee Maker, 25 bottles of grey poupon, 12 bags of dove chocolate, Thai food, Gift Certificates for free wine coolers, the list goes on.  But my very favorite stuff is Pet Products.  That's probably because I have two dogs and two cats and I love giving them things that make them happy.   


So this is my newest Product to review, its by Pedigree (which I do feed my dogs on occasion, the canned food) and they are called DentaStix.  Here is the link to their webpage DENTASTIX

Nom Nom Nom

It's a really nice compact package and I love the dog with the teeth on the front. Anyone that owns a dog knows it's important to keep their teeth clean (this is dental doggy month btw!) and make sure they don't have butt breath.   

The Medium sized ones were just a little too big for my little guy but he still made a go of it.   My bigger boy ate whatever the little one didn't and then some.  I also noticed that they are very hard which also made it a problem chewing for my little guy.  The pack that I received, were in a foil package inside the box.  When I opened the foil package, the bones were pretty stuck together, so i knocked them on the table to dislodge them. Each boy got one!

The package says they are made of both Rice and wheat flours with a bunch of things I can not pronounce and added vitamins.  The package also says to give your dog 1 a day but since my boys eat milk bones 50 times a day I do not think that is necessary.  I will give them probably to just Reilly (that's my bigger boy) from now on and give my smaller guy (FU) something else.  

They did not give us a price point but similar brands usually sell for between $4 and $8 for a 12 count bag. However they did give us 3 - $1 coupons!  

I give this Product 3 out of 5 paws for nice packaging, decent quality and animal enjoyment!