Thursday, January 28, 2016

What Not to do During a Winter Snowstorm - Stupid People Warning!

I hate to be a asshole, but...wait, I take that back, I'm going to be an asshole.  I read yesterday that there were about 40 weather related deaths during or after the recent winter storm they just had to call Jonas.  (wtf is it with naming storms now? That's another post for sure)

Most of the deaths were related to snow shoveling or auto accidents and not taking it easy, being older and out of shape or just being dumb and thinking you can drive in a blizzard.  So a lot of these people died of heart attacks, which is very unfortunate and sad.  You just never really know what you can and can't
handle when it comes to shoveling snow.  Especially 2 foot of snow!  It took me and the hubby about 6 hours and 4 trips outside to clear the one car, part of the driveway (i have a 5 car driveway, which sucks in the winter) and a walk to the garage and trash buckets.  Even if you have kids that will do it for you, everyone should take it easy, because it's NOT easy moving that much snow. I paid to have my front walk and end of my drive done!  always keep cash on hand if you know its going to snow!

Living in the great northeast, you learn these things.  Or at least you should, because there are a lot of really stupid people out there.  When the state governments say, state of emergency, only essential people should be on the roads, you should not be going out.  But of course you have the nitwits that just HAVE to go out for something probably really stupid.

Here is the link to the first Stupid People Dying in the storm that really pissed me off mother and child die in car.  Are you freakin serious?  Really? there is minimum of a foot of snow on the ground at this point and you put your wife, infant and toddler in the car to keep warm and try to dig out?  A foot of freakin snow??? of course the tailpipe was covered!  You fucking moron!  How about
this, you leave your wife and kids in the house or wherever you were while you do this.  While I feel bad about the wife and infant dying, and the toddler being in critical, I have to ask the incredibly stupid husband, what the fuck was so important that you just HAD to be out on Saturday?  Hey brain trust, didn't you hear the weather on MONDAY???

Here is another link about how stupid people can be 18 yo Pregnant dies and do does her unborn child.  I get that some kids are just good and want to help out but seriously, if you are 8 months pregnant you should just sit your ass down and worry about it later.  Again I feel bad but Wtf was she thinking?

One more Stupid Person story to bring it all home: woman found monday dead in car. OK this shows the reason why you never get your order your way at burger king.  Someone should have let the police or someone know, but yet
again asshole people think nothing of anyone but themselves and allow this older woman to sit in her car during this storm.  Pox on them and their families for not caring what happened to this woman.  This is also another reason why you need to check in with older neighbors and relatives.  Dont just assume they will be ok.

OK one more because I hope this Bitch dies of ass cancer slow and painfully.  animal left in blizzard.  If you do not want to be left outside during a blizzard then you should not leave your pets outside during a blizzard.  As a matter of fact, you should not even HAVE pets if that is what you think you should do with them.  I think June Wiggins of Crown Heights needs a good ole, NJ ass beating!  As does the ASPCA for allowing this to continue.  I really hope she goes to jail that Bitch.  If I could have found her email or address I would have printed it so you all could write her some hate mail because after you read that article, you're going to want too!

Be safe in the snow and just don't do anything Stupid.