Wednesday, April 13, 2016

FaceBook Revolution & Social Media Suckers

Do you have a facebook page?  Twitter account? Instagram account? Pintrest account?  I'm pretty sure everyone in the world these days has one or many of these social media accounts.

I first signed up for a facebook account about 7 years ago.  It was hot off the heels of My Space.  Remember my space?  I think its defunct now.  My Space sucked.  To be honest so did Facebook at first.  Then little by little it grew into a new form of communication. Sometimes good or even great, most times just stupid, disappointing and soapbox-ish.   It's the communication tool that silences the masses and yet gives balls to people anonymously or are too afraid to voice their opinions face to face.  

On the upside, it's great connecting with old friends and family from across the country or making new friends in your town or city or even hooking up with your co-workers is fun.  Its nice to be able to see these old and new friends and family and connect with them again or for the first time, see how they are doing in their lives.  Secretly comparing how you are doing with how others you went to school are doing now...come on you know you do it! Check on how your distant family is doing, check on your nieces and nephews and all the furry family members.  You could maybe even reconnect with your old neighborhood friends, maybe have some lunch and cocktails at the boardwalk and reminisce about how great of a childhood you had and the way things used to be.  Or you can connect with other like minded people in your town and other surrounding towns, make new friends.  Oh yes, these Social media sites do have a reason for being so popular.  They really are a new form of communication.


Then...there is the downside...

Funny how everyone has an opinion on facebook.  People, they could be your old friends, family or maybe people that you know from around town, tend to have giant balls when it comes to voicing their opinions on the social media platform.  Because they are essentially faceless and not up in your face for real, all of a sudden the most meekest person you have ever known, now has a giant set of gonads.  Then there is the ever present bully, that claims they are a victim, but seems to always be the one stirring the shit pot.  But some of my most favorite facebook assholes are the ones that get drunk and think they are spewing worldly advice or prophetic ideas when in reality, they are so full of shit you can smell it right though the computer along with their dank breath.

Others on the facebook scale of assholeism are:

  1. Political Idiots
  2. Shit Pot Stirrers
  3. Morally Superior (or at least they want to think they are)
  4. Know-it-alls
  5. Closed Minded People
  6. Bullies
  7. Verbally Abusive
  8. Big Mouths
  9. Trolls
  10. Haters

 It's actually very sad how people communicate these days or should I say, Don't communicate these days.  Before social media we would not always say the first thing that came to our minds.  We would run what we were thinking through our mind filters and gave it a thought about who we were hurting before we actually said something.  Bullies were few and far inbetween, now they are everywhere.  You can't post something on your own wall without some asshole saying something derogatory or combative.  Forget about groups, they are like the wild west, where only the quick witted and sharp tongued can survive.

It's a shame social media is going to the assholes....It could have been so much more...