Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Getting Through the Holidays

As if the Holidays are not hard enough to get through with all of the commercializing and stress of buying presents and going to parties and dealing with relatives, we also have to make sure we do not gain 1000lbs between thanksgiving and the new year.

From November 25th until January 2nd, anyone that has ever tried to lose weight or at the very least maintain weight is doomed. Cookies, cakes, dinners, alcohol all tempt us at every turn.  But I feel it doesn't have to be like that.  Of course it's easier when you can exactly eat a lot but you can still gain weight even after being sleeved.

Being Sleeved and having lost a large amount of weight doesn't make me immune from gaining holiday weight.  There are ways that you can put on the pounds and still think you are being good when in reality, you are eating things you know you should not.

I think the single most important thing to remember is, get in your exercise.  Even if you do eat a couple of cookies, a piece of cheesecake or something you know you should not have if you burn off those calories at the very least you can maintain your weight.

Also, being sleeved, I think it's important to remember that you should always eat your protein first.  Sure there are plenty of carbs out there calling your name during these trying times but truth is, protein won't kill you or your weight as quick as carbs will!  And lets face it, I'm over a year out and, I can really only eat like 3/4 of a cup of food at a time, so you have to make it count.  However if you eat something every hour, the calories are going to add up and you will gain weight.

I love to cook especially for the holidays.  When I was a kid my mom would have cookie night and we would invite friends over and we would all make cookies and listen to the radio and just have a wonderful time.  These are the times that I remember when it comes to the Holidays and that is why I still dedicate a day to making cookies just about every year.  I give most of them away, but that doesn't mean that the Holidays need to revolve around food.