Thursday, December 31, 2015

2015 The Year In Review

O, I was looking back today at the events that shaped the year 2015.  I have to say, for myself, it was not a bad year, but for the world and the US, it was really not a great year.  There were a lot more people killed, a lot more crazy on the streets and a lot more people that feel that it's ok to take someone's life because they don't agree with you.  Of course there have been some milestones also.  So let's take a look at 2015: ( this is a long post so bare with me!)

January - Charlie Hedbo in Paris, a couple of terrorist bust into this publisher's office kill a bunch of people, get away then the next day take some people hostage in a grocery store.

March - Some wacky Pilot in Germany decided to kill himself and takes down the airplane he is charged to fly along with 150 passengers.

April - Dzhokhar Tsarnaev - the younger of the two brothers that dropped the backpack bombs on the Boston Marathon, was found guilty and sentenced to death.  And that's not the only person who got the death penalty, it's unfortunate that Walter Scott was killed in NC as he ran from the police and it was all caught on a cell phone.  Then if that wasn't bad enough, a week later in Baltimore, Freddy Gray, Doa after being pick up in a paddy wagon for some petty crime.

May - an Amtrak Passenger Train derails outside of Philly.  The conductor was not sure what actually happened, but a bunch of people died!  I hear they did install those speed controls on the rails recently though.

In June we had Escape from NY, when two inmates with the help of a prison employee escaped from the Clinton Correctional Facility in Dannemora, NY.  Richard Matt and David Sweat (great name) with the help of an infatuated Joyce Mitchell.  I believe they spent about 20 days on the run.  Also in June we had the mass shooting of 9 at a bible study group at a church in Charleston, SC. These people died only because they were black and the jerk that shot them fancied himself a white supremacist.

On a lighter note on June 26th, 2015 the Supreme Court of the USA upheld the right for gay people to marry throughout the United States.

August - We were privy to an on Air Shooting of two news reporters in Roanoke Va.  A former co-worker with mental issues was the culprit.

Also throughout the entire summer and still to this day we are seeing the plight of the Syrian people seeking refuge in whatever country will take them as they flee from their war torn country.  Who can forget that picture of the 3 year old dead child that drowned in the police officer's arms?

On another lighter note, in September we say Pope Francis coming to America, DC, NYC and Philly hosted.

Then on November 13th, more Terror in Paris, when a series of coordinated attacks killed about 130 people then France unleashed a huge can of whoop ass in the countries that they hide!  pack of ISIL (or should I say Assholes?)

But of course that would not be the end, on December 2nd, 2015 San Bernardino, Ca, 2 rouge Taliban sympathisers shot up a holiday luncheon at the Public Health Department, when the male of the two used to work.  14 died that day and 22 were injured.

This has not been a good year for the world at large.  As a matter of fact I found a statistic that says there have been 57 mass shootings this year along where 3 or more people were killed.  Just to name a few that I haven't already, Roseburg, Or college campus shooting, Chattanooga, TN, military recruitment center, Planned Parenthood, Co, because of that photo shopped video of the "baby parts".

The list goes on...but my point is, just be kind to each other. People don't always have to agree to get along, just remember we are all just trying to get along with our own lives.

And with that, I wish you all a VERY HAPPY, HEALTHY, AND SAFE NEW YEAR!