Wednesday, October 26, 2016

I See Dead People...

Sunday, October 23, was the return of my most favorite show in television history, The Walking Dead.  Returning for its 7th season to answer the question, who gets to meet Lucille up close and personal.  

But before I get into that, I wanted to say a few things about the shows fans and people that do not follow the show.  

If you say you are a fan and do not watch it when it originally airs, and have no real good excuse, like hospitalization, death or the like, and you have to dvr it, then you are not a TRUE fan! True fans make sure they are in front of that TV at 8:55pm every Sunday to catch the new episode come hail or high water. In saying that, expect the REAL true fans to be talking about it the next day and expect spoilers! If you don't want spoilers, watch the damn show when it airs! Dont walk around saying, oh don't tell me what happened, or I didn't see it yet! How can you even expect people to be all hush hush for days afterwards with a show that is usually as shocking as this one?  You are not a real fan and are selfish thinking others should not talk about it because you are to lame to watch the show when it airs!...End. Of. Statement.  

People that do not follow the show at all.  Are you serious?  Yea I was just as surprised as you.  At least the ones that don't watch it when they should, watch it eventually.  I think a lot of people get turned off because the show has zombies in it.  But as I have tried to tell non-watchers, it's more than just about killing zombies, it's about the world after the apocalypse.  It's about surviving in the worst of situations, understanding what you, as a human being, are capable of, preserving humanity and building a society again.  It's about the ties that bind us and break us, it's about love and compassion and just trying to get through another day on this wrecked planet.  It's about Life.  

If you think about it, it's kind of about what life is now, without the zombies.  

Anyway, I digress.....

This is the best show I have ever had the pleasure of watching on TV.  I even love the Talking Dead afterwards although I mostly fall asleep after the show, I have to get up early to go to work the next day.  

The season 7 premiere was, hands down, the hardest episode of any series that I have ever seen except for maybe The Red Wedding courtesy of GoT (that's Game of Thrones for you boring TV watchers) .  It's shocking, it's violent, it's stifling, it's gripping and it's compelling to the point I actually was holding my breath for about 45 minutes.  

I kind of knew it was going to be Abraham to get on the wrong side of Lucille, but I never in a million years expected Glenn to get there too and to do it precisely as it was done in the GR was almost too much to watch.  I was actually stunned after I screamed, and I'm pretty sure my neighbors thought my house was broken into or something LOL.  Then the long arduous journey of breaking Rick, I was so uneasy after that episode, I did not fall asleep until way after midnight.  I did make it to work though LOL as many protested they did or were not going to go in!  I made it!

Even though I read the cliffnotes of the GRs, I have an idea of what is going to happen, I just can't wait for the next episode of this show to air.  However I do not think I will be watching that episode again for a very long time.  

Viva La Dead!