Thursday, October 8, 2015

Why Support Groups are Annoying

I know that is has been a while since my last post, and I am sorry about that.  I really need to get into some sort of schedule to keep the viewership up there a little more.

Anyway, since my last post, my current weight lose is 125lbs.  It's been about 13 months and much has changed for me, including the first ever time that I had to return a pair of pants because they were TOO BIG!  Yes, that shocked me too. But seriously, when you are losing weight you are never really sure what size you are in.  The sad part though is that I have seemed to hit a major plateau lately.

This is actually my first major plateau since I started but it is none the less frustrating.  I so want to be under that 200lb mark and I am about 31lbs away. So I figured maybe I needed some pointers or advice, so I joined an online, facebook support group...BIG mistake!

While most people are very like me, there are a certain percentage that are...lets just say...bat shit crazy!  Then there are the ones that are just...lets just say dumb, ignorant and probably really should not have gotten this severe of an operation without further psychiatric evaluation.

While it is somewhat entertaining, it also really becomes annoying when you have people that have had this life changing operation and are sad and depressed because they cant drink soda any longer or cant eat a whole pizza, cake or tray of lasagna!  What?? Really??  You idiot, you got to BE 500lbs BECAUSE you ate a whole pizza, cake, tray of lasagna in a sitting for YEARS!  I know, I have been there!  And there are still a lot of things that I used to eat that I just cant eat anymore but you know what? I DON'T CARE, I have LOST 125LBS!!!

Oh and others that annoy me, every time I eat, I throw up!  Really?  maybe that's because YOU ARE EATING TOO MUCH you moron!  Aren't you listening to your surgeon?  Usually around 3 weeks after the operation you are put on a soft food stage, yogurt, scrambled eggs, stuff like that.  I just LOVE the people that consider soft food, McDonalds parfaits or Wendy's soft serves.  Really?  You couldn't find something else that would be better and more nutritious for you?

My all time favorites are the bat shit crazy ones.  There was a thread on this support group, I kid you not, that was made by a woman that claimed she was turned down for the surgery because she had...Multiple personalities...What? what??  What???  And it gets better, there were a number of OTHERS on that same thread that said they also had multiple personalities!  ARE you freaking kidding me!  I was just awestruck but the sheer stupidity and wackiness of that entire thread...Sometimes I think that people just make this shit up specifically for the shock value.

So I have learned that these online support groups are more or less a total waste of time, they are rife with wackos and very seldomly actually give you any real information you can use.