Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Snow Day

So it was supposed to be the storm of the century, 24" or more of snow, traveling bans, alternate side of the street parking suspended, stores running out of bread, milk, eggs and toilet paper, and then it bared down on us over night.

I checked the employee website in the morning before i even looked outside, in giant letters it read...CLOSED...yippee SNOW Day!

By the time I looked outside, I have to say I was a bit disappointed.  We had gotten about 4" if that of snow over night.  the street outside my house was clear and another plow was coming down the road just for good measure.

I made some coffee and settled in to check out the morning news.  By 7:30 am they had lifted the travel ban and most of the silly other things they do when we actually get 24" of snow.  I checked the employee site again, still no work.  Im pretty sure I could have made it if I had tried.

So I figured that I would do a little work from home, right after I clean my car off.  Needless to say, work didn't go that far its actually harder to work from home than one would think.  Im done now, thats my story, now Im going to take a nap...

Happy Snow Day All