Saturday, January 3, 2015

Charity - The Sato Project

There is a place in Puerto Rico called Dead Dog Beach.  It is named this because this is the place where bad people go to dump and torture unwanted dogs.  People use these sick and baby animals for target practice, shooting and beating them and just leaving them for dead.  These dogs are called Satos which loosely translates into street dog.

There are estimated to be tens of thousands or maybe more of these satos on the island of Puerto Rico where shelters have a euthanization rate of about 97%.  These poor animals don't have a chance.  They are usually small to medium (between 30 and 45 lbs) sized dogs and very smart and quick to learn.  They are a mixed breed animal that usually has similar characteristics such as crooked ears and a short snout.  They are primarily a combination of working class dogs.

The reason why this charity holds a place in my heart is because my boy, Reilly is a sato.  I adopted him in November 2013 from a rescue and he really is my heart.  Of course he is seriously spoiled like the rest of my animals but I just can not imagine him living the life of one of these unfortunate street animals.  That is why I choose this charity, The Sato Project as my 1st charity to donate my profits too.

Thier website is

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Thank you all in advance for not only your purchases but for your support.