Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Sometimes I forget....

That stupid people will get nasty to you if you do not see things their way.  They will also manipulate the facts or things said in a conversation to what they think is their point. Ignorant people have an insidious way of getting under my skin.  Most of the time I can ignore them, they are dense, so why even bother trying to talk some sense into them.  But on that rare occasion, when I just can not take the hypocrisy, self promotion and total disregard for anyone or anything around them, I loose it. Hey, Im human after all, and really how much ignorance can one person take?

I should know that I should never actually write something down, send a letter or IM pointing out that they are losers or pieces of shit or how obtuse and hypocritical they actually are.  But unfortunately I dont always listen to my own advice, and I know better, yet something just takes hold of me and does crazy things.  Maybe at the point when even cold hard facts make them even dumber, its just more than I can believe and delirium takes hold of me.

So how do you deal with a moronic asshole anyway?  Thats not easy, I would have to say the best most beneficial way is to just completely ignore them.  However sometimes thats not that easy, especially on social networking sites when every time they post something more unintelligent or hypocritical than the last, they tag you, dragging you back into their dumb little self absorbed world.

In the end, I know I am wiser than they are and in truth, I am a better person than they for the simple reason that I want the truth, facts, knowledge and understanding rather then just take someones word for it or rely on a "feeling" because "one day a long time ago something bad happened".  For whatever reason they just don't have the capacity to see the whole big picture and are usually afraid of what they do not fully understand on their own.

So my advice is to just steer clear of Stupid People, you will usually gain nothing from conversations with them and only end up making yourself look like the bad guy no matter how dimwitted and hypocritical some people are.