Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Surgery done, now theres no going back

My surgery date ended up being September 2nd and it was a nice way to end the summer.  I'm looking forward to being closer to a normal size by next spring/summer. So far, 2 weeks out, and I have lost a total of 25 lbs.

However, in hindsight, this was a drastic move and I have to be honest, I don't know if I would do this again.  I did overcome a few obstacles and the whole progression did go pretty smoothly but its a major operation and I don't know if I could get the balls up to do this again.  Hopefully we will never have to re-visit this. 

The Surgery went fine, they did keep me in the hospital an extra day.  Apparently I had some oxygen issues during the operation.  The funny thing is that the one Dr insisted that I get this stupid CPAP machine and use it for 3 weeks before the operation and to bring it with me to the hospital, but do they ever put it on me?  Nooooo, the first night I actually asked for it, being the good girl I am but after that, its been sitting in my closet ever since.  Heck i paid the rental till the end of November!  they can come take it back after that!

The first week after surgery is by far the hardest week I have ever been though.  Clear Liquid Diet, SUCKS!  Broth, sugar free jello and pop-cycles and that's about it.  Luckily I never got sick, threw up or got really bad heartburn, which is a blessing.

The second week, Full Liquid Diet.  This week was a little and I mean little less sucky.  Full liquid consists of cream soups, strained, blended yogurts and basically anything that you can stomach from the week before.

I am currently in my third week, Pureed Foods.  Now I did get some baby food but I got the good stuff, custard and bananas, mixed berries and oatmeal.  I tried the meats and they are disgusting, seriously, I know why babies spit that shit out!  Pureed foods can be interesting, they include whipped cottage cheese, soft cheeses, ricotta cheese, hummus, any kind of meat, pureed of course, melted cheese, creamed soups.

Next week, onto SOFT FOODS!!!  yeah!