Monday, September 22, 2014

From Semi-Liquids to Soft Foods

Tomorrow will begin my 4th week post op.  Tomorrow I will be going from liquid like nourishment to food with somewhat more consistency.  I really cant wait to eat a deviled egg or some scrambled eggs and cheese.  I do love cheese!

Beginning my 4th week out from surgery, I got on the scale today and found that I lost 2 more lbs, Yea for me!!!  My pre-surgery weight was 348, and I am happy to say that I am currently at 322 for a total of 26 lbs.

Its still not that easy to wrap my head around what I have done.  I know its all over with now but its kind of sad that that part of me, or who I was, is really no longer.  I know this may sound silly but one of the things I loved to do was cook and eat.  I realize that I'm not going to have to give up either, but maybe I can make it better or more suited to my own needs.  I don't know, it seems like all my options are still so limited.   

I'm actually surprised that there haven't been any post WLS cook books published out there.  There are a few blogs out there, one of the better ones is The World According to EggFace.  Other than all of her recipes she does have a witty sense of humor too, my kinda girl!