Friday, June 6, 2014

Food Bucket List

I was thinking today about all the foods I will be giving up after the surgery.  Im sure it wont be forever, but in my head it will be for a long time.  Im ok with this idea, over eating, bingeing, and grazing is what got me to this point, so sacrificing for the time being is what I have to do. 
However, I still have 5 weeks till the surgery so I decided Im going to start a food Bucket list.   I dont think I will get through all of it but it will be interesting to say good bye to some things I may never, or for a long while, have again.  So here is my Food Bucket List, in no specific order:
1.  Chinese food buffet.
2.  Boardwalk or fair food.
3.  Hybachi or bento box
4.  BBQ all you can eat
5.  Ihop Breakfast
6.  bagel sandwich from a real bagel place, not dd's
7.  A banana split
8.  Thai food
9.  More to come, maybe.....