Friday, June 6, 2014

A little bit of this, a little bit of that

So my name is Kelly and I am 47 this month and I am morbidity obese.   I live in Morrisville, Pa with my long time companion, Thomas, who I call Tommie, and his adult daughter Shannon. 

I work for the Brothers Koretsky in Central Jersey.  I love my work, I have really cool bosses and I work with some of the best co-workers ever.  I have been with the Brothers and this company for about 8 years now.  I wont go into particulars but my office is at one of their 3 national warehouses.   My step daughter, works in the same office building as me but I rarely see her during the day.

As I stated before I am very over weight.  I have lost weight and gained weight 100's of times throughout my life but now am at the point where its starting to talk its toll on my health.  I have type 2 diabetes uncontrolled,  meaning I'm so fat so I gave it to myself.   I suffer from sever bouts of back pain and sciatica.  My knees are starting to hurt from holding up all of this weight. 

I currently take about 200 units of insulin a day, pills for cholesterol,  thyroid, kidneys.  That's when I am not in pain, there are more pills for those days.  Better living through chemistry right...well not so much.

In the past, my health benefits at work would pay for all of the specialist but would not pay for Bariatric surgery.  And lets face it, its expensive and how many of us have $25,000 to put out for this operation?  I had gotten deep in dept once before in my life and its no fun and not easy to recover from that, but I did, so I wasn't about to go back into debt a 2nd time.  Besides other than a bank account, I had a home now they could take.  Financing the operation just wasn't an option in my book.

Well, last Fall our health benefits changed, it included a lot of other stuff the other policy did not.   I was ecstatic to find out, it covered the bariatric surgery as long as you had certain "comorbilities"  (love that word, what it means is that you have other problems that can kill you!)  and jumped through 7 or more levels of hell, they would pay for the operation.

So I did my research, and on April 22nd, of this year, I made my 1st appointment with the surgeon.  

I am intending to journal my journey on this blog.  I am hoping to let people understand that people who are over weight like I am do have hope in overcoming this lifelong affliction.  I think that many people believe that because I am fat, I have been lazy and eat crap food all the time, when it couldn't be farther from the truth.