Saturday, April 4, 2020

Notes on surviving a pandemic

A few observations and tips on surviving a global pandemic.

  1. Be prepared BEFORE the shit hits the fan!
  2. Don't watch the news 24/7, it will drive you mad.
  3. Don't get your information off of Facebook, it will drive you mad.
  4. Don't hoard, everyone is in the same boat as you.
  5. Take what you need and leave the rest for someone else (TWD)
  6. Everyone is scared, whether they admit it or not so don't be a jerk.
  7. Don't tell people who are still working, risking their lives every day, so you can hoard toilet paper, that they are lucky they are still working.  
  8. If you are still working, don't brag about it, people are hurting and feel bad enough with the uncertain future.
  9. Don't be rude, there is really no need for an attitude.
  10. Don't go out if you do not have to.  Yes, we are all bored, deal with it, read a book, start a journal.
  11. If you must go out, go out early and be quick about it.
  12. When you go food shopping, make your selection with your eyes and only touch what you will be buying.
  13. Do NOT fondle the grapes, tomatoes or any fresh fruits or veggies!!! (Thanks to Jeff LOL)
  14. Do not blame the grocery store employees for the empty shelves, if it were not for them still working, you wouldn't have that tasty cake in your hand so STFU.  
  15. Enjoy the time with your family, you made them, now you have to deal with them.
  16. Divorce at this time is NOT an option
  17. Use your imagination to find things to do. 
  18. Clean your attic, garage, spare room.
  19. If you cant afford the tip for your food delivery, get your lazy ass up and go pick it up.  15% minimum tip for delivery!
  20. Do not judge people or berate them because they are wearing masks and gloves.  You don't know what their health situation is. 
I hope you find these tips fun and useful.

Until next time on "as the world goes to shit" I'm signing off now 😁