Friday, March 27, 2020

Covid-19 Day 7

Today is day 7 of "flattening the curve" and "Social distancing" for me anyway.  For others, it started about a week before I did.

It's really not that bad staying away from people.  Maybe I'm more skilled at it than some people, truth is, people annoy me and so I stay away from them for the most part anyway.  In the last 7 days, I have been out in public 2 times.  I have lots of things to do to take up my time.  I have a bunch of hobbies that I have neglected for a long while, so while I'm waiting for this to end, I pass my days creating or looking for a job for when this is over.

The news is more than I can deal with watching the same stories over and over.  I can't dwell on it constantly.  Although they are supposed to be voting on a huge stimulus bill today, which I hope passes, you know there is always some moron in the batch just waiting to fuck things up.

At first, there were a lot of crappy stories coming out of people fighting mostly for toilet paper or chicken parts.  That all seems to have calmed down for the most part.  People are still hoarding food and so most of the stores have to put signs on the shelves that limit the amount you can buy.  I have never been a hoarder, but I have always stocked up on stuff when it was on sale.  I didn't really need to run out and spend all my money on toilet paper.  Maybe people will learn from this, most likely not.

Anyway, day 7 and we are doing fine.  I will probably have to go out early next week to get stuff for my doggie, so until that time I will do what I can to flatten this curve and pray for man and womankind.