Monday, March 23, 2020

Covid-19 The best & The worst - Part 1

So here I am, day one of self quarantining.  As of Friday, I lost my job.  NY, NJ, and PA are all basically closed to all non-essential businesses and the future is looking very sketchy.  This is probably going to be a very long post.

I am cautiously worried about this whole situation.  Maybe I watch & read too many apocalyptical shows and books.  But this is pretty much how they all begin.  An alien virus starts, or biological warfare, in china,  the mid-east, the rain forest, or a train or an arena,  it grows, some moron pokes it with a stick and they get infected, brings it back to the civilized world and then before you know it, we have a pandemic and people are rising from the dead. 

As of today, March 23rd, 2020, two weeks ago the schools in PA shut down and the news has been harping on this virus non-stop.  Not that I don't think they should report the truth, but by continuously fear-mongering, I think they have made it worst.  Most people are not that intelligent and when you mix low IQs with fear, you have an explosive cocktail.  Which is partially what we are seeing now.  Facebook and the constant misinformation that's passed there, doesn't help.  With everyone pretty much homebound, there has been a surge in the stupidity of Facebook posts lately.

About a week ago right after PA closed all the schools, it spun people into panic shopping.  People were fighting over rolls of toilet paper and chicken.  I have never seen the food stores so empty of everything. (except anything healthy, LOL)  It makes me very irritated to see that people became fever pitch fearful overnight.  That's not saying that I  think people shouldn't heed the warnings, it's better to be cautious than indifferent.  But to go to a food store, market or any place to get food like everyone else does and to act so badly publicly, thinking only about yourself, is NOT the way Americans should be acting.  I don't give a fuck what your color, creed or religion is, you do not have a right to act like a fucking moron in public, expect to be publicly shamed for your bad behavior.  It's to the point now where stores have to LIMIT most things so people don't go in and buy whatever is on the shelf.  To me that is just despicable, you should get the virus and do us a favor and take your gene pool out of existence for being a gluttonous pig.  Doing this is very UnAmerican. Take what you need and leave the rest for someone else, That is what Americans should do.  Americans shouldn't have to be told to act like adults, but then again, that's why I say that most are not very bright and become fearful too easily.

But with the really despicable bad behavior, there have been a few things that have choked me up because they are just so kind.  Kindness in the face of uncertainty is what true Americans do.  To give of your time, money or effort when all seems so bleak, that is what true Americans do.  We are kind, compassionate and we do care about our elders, children, and neighbors. 

I have seen people pooling together to make masks for hospitals and care centers, in their own houses of course.  I have seen people handing out supplies to older people who are too frail to rumble with the assholes in the supermarkets, they are also the most vulnerable.  I have also seen people offering to help people who can't help themselves by running errands.  There is still good, kindness and empathy in this world and we need to see and focus on that. 

Remember to:
1. wash your hands frequently
2. practice social distancing
3. Call your doctor or teledoctor if you feel you have the 3 symptoms - don't post online - your doctor will tell you what to do. 
4. Don't freak out if they don't think you should be tested.
5. Be kind to people, everyone is scared.
6. We are all in this together.

Be Safe, Be Well