Tuesday, April 2, 2019

All about Me

While I do not have a political background and I do not make the claim that I am a seasoned politician.  I can say that I am a concerned citizen and big fan of the TRUTH and financial responsibility with my tax money.

One of the things that I truly hate about politics is that no one tells you what they have actually accomplished during their time in office.  I will switch the channel or toss that paper into the trash without even opening it if it's just about saying how horrible the other person is.  More often than not it's either something blown totally out of proportion or even made up completely.  I have no doubt it will be the same with this election cycle.  When people don't have any accomplishments, that's what they do.  It's a distraction away from their shortcomings.

I am going to talk today a little about what I feel that I would bring to the table to serve my ward on council.

I have previously worked for the City of Perth Amboy Housing Development Corp.  PAHDC was a division of Perth Amboy community development division. I was hired as bookkeeper and office manager and worked under the Director.

Primarily I kept the books on about 11 different grant programs ranging from CDBG and RCA grant money to Lead Based Paint Abatement and other neighborhood revitalization programs going on at the time.  I was also in charge of the sealed contractor bidding process and participated in planning a number of community outreach programs to clean up properties of seniors/disabled and lower income people that didn't have the ability or funds to do it themselves.  I also worked closely with the director to identify and apply for grants that would benefit neighborhoods in Perth Amboy.  I also received my NJ Notary while I was at PAHDC and I performed administrative duties for a 21 member board.

I ended up leaving PAHDC because my mother was terminally ill so I spent the last few months of her life taking care of her.

Soon after my mother's passing I went back to work for Lifesign LLC which was a bio-meditec company.  They made and distributed rapid medical tests. I was hired as office manager and general accounting and worked under the President of the company.  I managed an office of about 7 people and was responsible for all of the company bookkeeping including payroll, payroll taxes, cafeteria plan, AP/AR, budgeting, HR, Benefit negotiations, sales tax in 7 different states.  While I was at Lifesign I became a certified bookkeeper.

I am currently an Executive Assistant at East Coast News, and work for two wonderful Brothers who own 4 distribution warehouses nationally.  During my time here, I have negotiated contracts for supplies and trade shows, coordinate company travel, been involved with accounting both inhouse and for their other properties, Insurance, property taxes, corporate taxes, and event planning.

So that is me in a nutshell.  I feel with my background I would be an asset to the 4th ward.  I would certainly listen to the people in my ward and diligently answer emails and phone calls.  If I don't have an answer, I would do whatever I can to get an answer.  As a community we have much further to go to make our town what it should be and I would love it, if I could be part of that forward moving team.

Thank you