Thursday, May 5, 2016

Happy Birthday Mom In Remembrance

Happy Birthday Mom, wherever you are.  Today would have been your 74th year had you not been taken from us at 59.  

Fourteen years have past and I still think of you often.  Words, expressions and sayings you would tell me, still fresh in my mind.  Advice that I would shrug off because I was young and thought I knew all there was to know; only to come to find out, that you never really know everything there is to know.  

I still remember the way that you smelled, a hint of earth mixed with lilacs and hand cream.  Sometimes in the morning I swear I can hear your voice on the cool dawn breeze.  Or maybe that's what I want to believe.  To believe that you are still with me now in some way.

When I am elbow deep in dirt and compost or deciding which plant or flower will go where in my garden, I think of you most.  My love of the earth came from you and your teaching.  I remember well the lessons you would teach in our yard, all the names of the different plants and flowers, both common and latin (not like I remember the latin ones anymore, but I was always amased that you knew them).  I loved the way that you taught us to respect the earth and take care of it. 

I loved your vivid imagination and the storyteller in you that would mesmerize and inspire us.  You taught me to have faith in myself and to shoot for the stars that nothing is impossible.  I remember the kindness and compassion that you showed for all living things, even when we were young and my sister would keep bringing home stray cats.  You let us keep them all...

I remember you being the coolest Mom around and always up for an adventure. I certainly did have a great childhood because of you.  

I just wanted to say that I miss you Mom and I love you.

Happy Birthday wherever you are..