Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Zombies on Treadmills

Right before the holidays last year I joined a gym.  It was my very first endeavor in doing so.

I figured that I was stuck in a rut and had not lost anymore weight in a month or so (at that point) So I figured I would join that "NO Judgement Zone" place you see in the commercials all the time.  It was pretty cheap so I figured no harm no foul.  Besides I could not and would not do any outside walking during the cold winter months so I needed to make sure, if I was not losing, I was not gaining either.

It was pretty nice when I first started going.  There were people there, mostly middle aged like myself.  No one really talks to one another there though.  I figured that I would just get on a treadmill and walk for an hour and that should be good enough.  But after a while that got boring, so I took a class to learn the 30 minute circuit.

All through the holidays I was pretty happy at the "no judgement zone" there were people there but not enough to irritate the crap out of me which is what eventually happened.  I would go there after work and do my 20 minutes on the treadmill and then the 30 minute circuit, just as the instructor showed me.

Then it happened, I got there after work one day and looked through the window and it was like two rows of walking dead people on the treadmills, the place was filled to the rim with people.  All the treadmills were being used so I figured I would go do the 30 minute circuit instead...WRONG!

So we go from zombies on treadmills to assholes in the 30 minute circuit.  I go in the room and start doing what you are supposed to do in that room, and Bam, some idiot just strolls in and sits down on one of the machines, of course, it would be the one that I was going to use next.  Then there are the times when a few girls use the back corner machine as a place to sit, hangout and text their boyfriends on the other side of the gym.  Then you have the people that stroll on in and put 700lbs on a machine to do 2 reps because they want a six pack and have not a clue how to get one.  Then you have the ones that had to go out and purchase a special outfit just to wear to the gym, whose hair and makeup is always perfect and they wouldn't be caught dead breaking a sweat!  Then you have the ones that think the 30 minute circuit room is their personal meeting room.  OMG this list can go on.

The thing that really irritates me is that they ALL SEE there are people there doing what you are supposed to be doing in that room and they could give a rats ass if they jump onto the machine you were just about ready to use.  I did complain a number of times, and you would think that they would monitor the rooms a little better, since you know they are standing up at the counter talking with their friends or texting people while they are at work.  But that never happened.

Well luckily for me, the weather in the great northeast has broken this week.  I can tell you that is true because I have been sneezing and my eyes have been burning for days now.  I will soon be going on my walks again a few times a week and will not have to deal with that "no judgement zone" morons any longer.

Yesterday I quit...