Friday, April 27, 2018

The Keys To Contentment

Is anyone ever really and truly "Happy" with their lives?

Everyone wants more than what they have right now, but I have found that being content with what you have at this very moment is what makes me "happy".  Its really not hard to figure out that if you have everything you need, even if you wish you had more, should make a person content.

My mother used to tell me that "you are where you want to be"  and its true for the most part.  You can say you would be much more happy if you hit the lottery or had a million dollars but in truth to get like that over night would just cause misery eventually.

So what are the keys to happiness?  I've come up with some key points that make me Happy.

1. Everyone needs money to survive but don't let your whole world revolve around whether or not you have a lot of it or not.  As long as your bills are paid, food in your belly, cloths on your back and a roof over your head.  You are in better shape than many others...Be happy you can provide for yourself and your family. 

2. Laugh at least once a day.  Find the humor in mundane things.  Just smile.  It's really hard to be miserable if you are Smiling, give it a try.  Don't be so serious all of the time, have some levity and silliness in your life. 

3.  Slow down, life sucks when you are always rushing around.  Stop and enjoy the small things in life.  The grass turning green after a long winter.  Flowers peaking their heads out of the ground after the last frost.  Life doesnt last forever, so enjoy it while you are still here.

4.  Find some alone time.  Everyone needs an hour or so a day to formulate thoughts or to just be quiet or scream at the top of your lungs.  As much as some people hate to commute, I don't mind it at all (except for the asshole drivers, see #3).  It gives me time to think, plan out my days and weeks or even the weekends. 

5. Don't be a Drama Mama.  Life gives you enough natural ups and downs, don't actively seek out more.  Don't make drama when you are bored just to have something to do.  Stay away from people that cause drama in your life.  Life is good when its peaceful. 

That's about all that I have.  Really life isn't that bad if you look at it with some objectivity. 

I hope you are as Happy as I am, if not, you need to try harder...