Thursday, September 28, 2017

Wat you call me?

In my best Howard Cosell voice, "Ladies and Gentlemen....In this corner we have...".

Well ok maybe I'm being a little dramatic, or maybe not.  But it seems to me no matter where I go or what discussion I try to get into these days there is always always always someone who will start dropping the name calling.  Seriously, a person just can't have a serious political debate or conversation with someone without someone starting the name calling.

This got me to thinking.  Why do people resort to calling names when you are trying to have a serious conversation?

I would have to say the reason I think people resort to name calling is that they are not very educated or very smart and they get very annoyed that you are not agreeing with them.  Call it egocentric or self centered, but everyone wants to be the "right" one, but it takes a truly well read or educated person to understand there are more than just YOUR opinion in the universe and that the world is not always black & white and that there is a whole big gray space out there that things are in limbo.

It also seems that the really dumb ones; you know the type, they get all of their news and history from Facebook memes, and usually think they are so much smarter than you, seem to be the loudest and nastiest of the bunch.

I also love the ones that have the comeback to a point you may have made with, "oh yea, I've done that, talked to that, been in that, and I got a totally different outcome than you"  I call that the, I'm too stupid to come up with a legitimate counter point so i'm just gonna say "nah nah nah boo boo, what bounces off of me sticks to you" comment.  I can't even begin to tell you how many times I have been called a "snowflake" simply because I do not have blind faith in our political system, either side...question authority, now that is patriotism.

But that's really not the way a conversation works.

I love having a real conversation with people that may not view the world the way I do.  I have always enjoyed the challenge and the information exchange.  I have learned a lot from people that I do not agree with.

But it never seems to fail, that some time during a great conversation and exchange of ideas, there will be at least one jackass that jumps in and starts with the name calling.  Their spelling, context and punctuation are usually pretty bad also.

Sometimes they can't help themselves.  They are not really intellectual enough to make valid points so their frustration always gets the best of them.  I am not talking specifically about the left or the right but both sides have these low IQ Individuals.   Some of the names are rather funny actually but they have no place in a true meeting of the minds.

I like to think I have an open mind, while I will say that my core values do lean more toward the left than the right, I do not always side with the left.  As far as I am concerned, extreme anything is not a good mindset.  I also do not give any man, woman or being my faith blindly.  I do not have faith in what could or may happen.  I have faith only in myself and my accomplishments and those who have shown me they mean what they say.

So in ending, when you want to get into a conversation with people, have a point, don't call people names because you don't agree with them or have a different view.  Listen to what others have to say.  You may find something new and exciting and actually learn something from others.  Don't close your mind to others thoughts or ideas.  Don't go through life with blinders on and DONT call people names, it just makes you look unintelligent.

Open up your mind, the possibilities are endless.