Wednesday, August 12, 2015

The Left Lane Driver Debate

I work in NJ and live in PA so I commute every day.  I take major highways, rt 195 and rt 130.  Route 195 is a big highway, a large part of it being 2 or more lanes each way.  Route 130, 2 lanes each way as far as I have to travel.  I always try to keep up with traffic, unless of course, the traffic is doing 100 mph.   But I will do the speed limit and keep to the left for the most part.

I have noticed over the last year or so that although I keep pace with traffic and do not drive below the speed limit, I usually use the left lane to pass.  Drivers have been using the left lane as what I refer to it as "the Audubon Lane".  Whereas, no matter how fast you are going or if you are passing someone or not, they feel that only they have the right to drive in this lane and the saying "left lane dick" gives them the ability to go as fast as they want, act as reckless as they want and as obnoxious as they can get, just because everyone else around them should not be allowed to drive in that lane unless you are doing 100 mph!  When I was a kid and got my license the rule was the left lane was for "through" traffic, meaning if you were not going to be turning off of the road anytime soon, then you travelled, the speed limit I might add, in the left lane.

Don't even get stuck in the left lane while trying to pass someone and then come into traffic and not be able to safely get back into the right lane...some people will lose their ever loving minds!  YOU are in my way and not driving like a maniac in the left lane!!!

So when did this all change?? Who is it that came up with the nickname "left lane dick" anyway?  Were they part of who actually wrote the laws for passing on the left?  Why is it that I can only drive in the right lane yet people going way too fast and driving recklessly are allowed to drive in the left lane?  Are they the true Left Lane Dicks?

I checked out the laws in NJ and PA as research for this post.  The actual law in both states is that you should keep right unless you are passing.  Period...end of statement.  There is absolutely no mention of anyone being able to drive as fast as they can in the left lane or continuously driving in that lane at a high rate of speed is legal.  All instances that I have found state that you must drive the speed limit and you can only pass in the left lane then get back into the right lane, and do the speed limit...

So tell me...who really is the left lane dick???